What is Fitcel?

Fitcel is a platform whose objective is to promote and maintain an active lifestyle, while being relevant and doable for everyone, anywhere and anytime.

It has the mission of leading each individual to its highest potential possible physically thanks to an AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that allows an optimal prescription of physical activity, scientific and adapted to any profile.

I already have a fitness app, why use Fitcel?

Fitcel is an open platform that uses registered data from other fitness apps and uses them to prescribe a program strictly adapted to your particular conditions. Fitcel recognises health and physical state as something personal. We go wherever people are and we suggest easy to handle and suitable changes that start or improve the positive feedback cycle in an easy and intuitive way.

Fitcel enters people’s life like a partner, using data from other fitness aplications or devices which allows the user to keep using those without needing to change them.

You can keep using your habitual fitness aplication and use Fitcelfor the design of a program strictly adapted to your objectives and necesities, supervise your weekly objectives, recuperation state, over-training risk, etc…

Where can I find Fitcel?

Fitcel is a tool designed by health and fitness professionals and aimed to those same fields’ professionals. It will be these professionals who”ll be using Fitcel with their clients or patients. Fitcel is a tool that helps doctors, trainers, physical tutors, teachers, business administratives, etc… improving the health and physical condition of their clients, workers or patients.

You can request the certificated training with Fitcel’s technology to your sports centre, medical centre, school, business or even at public institutions like city halls or administrations.

Do I need to complete the cuestionary and tests at Fitcel's register?

Yes. Fitcel is a tool that uses the same methodology as the scientific work used at high performance or in health’s environment. In order to “prescribe” the training program correctly it needs info about the user of its habits, precedents, possible injuries or illnesses, etc… and of course, it needs to know about your actual physical state. It is impossible to prescribe exercises or activities correctly without knowing which is the initial physical state.

How can Fitcel improve
my business' health?

Fitcel provides the perfect tool for Corporate Wellness programs of your business. This programs have demonstrated their utility for more than two decades and businesses of all kinds worldwide have included this kind of programs for their workers. Through health programs upgrades on labour atmosphere are produced, as well as higher connection between working groups and, of course, an improvement of productivity thanks to factors like less working absenteeism, less sick time offs or a higher labour activity rhythm.

Through an initial interview, a personalized program is designed having in mind the business’ and its workers’ own characteristics, as well as their needs, objectives, equipment and installations, time availability, etc. It’s what we refer to as “health’s audit” of your business.

Off the results of this health’s audit, we put in action a working plan with specific objectives, activity groups, weekly or monthly activities or competitions, monitoring and tracking of the activity in real time and an enormous variety of tools that will favor the loyalty and retention of users to the program.

How do I know if I'm in good shape?

It is as easy as looking at the value of FITSCORE at the main screen of Fitcel’s app. Here each user can see clearly and objectively which its actual physical state is according to official international entities’ standards like the WHO’s or the ACSM’s. After the initial evaluation, every user will have a specific value and physical state objective weighted from 0 to 10 and will belong to one of the three levels of physical state: 1. Initial Level; 2. Half Level; 3. Advanced Level. If you want to understand a little bit more of what “being in shape” means you just need to keep reading.

Can kids use Fitcel?

Yes, of course. Through schools or institutions, Fitcel designs programs that promote physical activity specifically oriented towards kids and teenagers.

Fitcel has been designed to intervene specifically in the actual problem of sedentariness and overweight among kids and teenagers. It is a tool specifically developed to make kids reach the level of daily activity recommended by organisms and official institutions.

Can I use Fitcel to train anywhere?

Yes, one of the basic premises of Fitcel’s technology is that it adapts totally to the user and not backwards. The user will only need to indicate where he/she is, choosing over one of the possible environments between:


Training at home


Training at a snowy environment


Training at the beach’s environment


Training at a park’s environment


Training at the car’s surroundings


Training over environments such as forests or green areas


Training in an office’s environment


Training over a box of functional training


Training over water environments such as pools or beaches


Machines’/free weight room training at the gym

Fitcel will specifically adapt the means and methods of training to the selected environment.

Why is Fitcel different from other fitness applications?

Differentiating value: the prescription

Fitcel goes over being only a tracking or training following app. Fitcel is a platform that “prescribes” activities and exercises to each user. We tell the users where to begin, what to do and how. The user experim…

We adapt to you

Fitcel’s techonology’s basics is a change in the actual paradigm of the fitness’ sector. Until now it was the user who adapted its agenda to trainers’ schedule, collective classes, gyms, etc… Now it is Fitcel who…

Fitcel is a platform and no just an app

It consists of an intranet for inner use where it manages one of the biggest databases of exercises and activities of the whole world (around 15.000 categorised exercises). It counts with a web that manages accounts (trainers, doctors, teachers…

Fitcel is a Dynamic System

It consists of an Artificial Intelligence that designs the training program suitable for each user “in real time”, every time the app is used. Therefore it is a totally dynamic system.

Evaluation - Prescription - Tracking

Fitcel works through 3 phases:

1.- Evaluates the physical shape of the user;

2.- Prescribes the exercises and activities;

3.- Tracking of the program through control and gamification tools.

Integral development of physical shape

Fitcel is directed towards integral development of the physical shape, including Strength, Resistance, Flexibility and Neuromotor Capacity (coordination, static and dynamic balance, agility, speed, etc) exercises…

Universal platform for every type of user

Fitcel is oriented towards a 100% of the active population, since it prescribes exercises and activities for every type of profile, even the ones with a very low physical condition.

"Open" system to other devices or applications

Fitcel is an “open” system that allows the incorporation of data from another applications or devices (heart rate monitors, activity monitors, bracelets, etc…). The users that already use this applications or mobile devices can keep using them for the…

Designed by science

Through a 24/7 strategy, we apply certified and standarised protocols and methods over different official organizations (ACSM, AHA, Granada University). Every user can trust that they are doing the appropiate exercises and activ…