1.- What is Fitcel?2018-10-08T08:44:36+01:00

Fitcel is a platform that aims to encourage and maintain an active lifestyle, which is relevant and achievable for everyone, anywhere and at any time.

Its mission is to take each individual to their greatest possible potential in physical form thanks to an I.A. technology. (Artificial Intelligence) that allows an optimal prescription of physical activity, scientific and adapted to any profile of people.

2.- Why is Fitcel different from other fitness applications?2018-10-01T09:39:06+01:00
2.1. Differential value: The prescription.2018-10-01T09:41:33+01:00

Fitcel goes beyond being a tracking app or training follow-up. Fitcel is a platform that “prescribes” activities and exercises adapted to each user. We tell users where to start, what to do and how. The user experiences an adjusted combination of exercise, volume, intensity and frequency in any physical skill using all types of systems, means and training methods. A continuous feedback helps to motivate and improve the retention of the program.

Prescribing implies telling each user what to do according to their needs and objectives in a similar way to how doctors prescribe a treatment after evaluating each patient.

2.2. We adapt to you2018-10-01T09:55:19+01:00

The basis of the technology of Fitcel is a change in the current paradigm of the fitness sector. Until now it was the user who had to adapt his schedule to the schedules of the coaches, collective classes, gyms, etc. Now Fitcel is the one who adapts to the user and not the other way around.

The user should only indicate where he is and how much time he has available to perform activity or physical exercise. Choose between environments as varied as the beach, mountain, park, office, … or even in your car! Fitcel prescribes adapted exercises taking only 2 free minutes and up to more than 3 hours.

You no longer have an excuse to not make your personal program of improvement of the physical form.

2.3. Fitcel is a platform and not just an app.2018-10-01T09:55:04+01:00

It consists of an intranet for internal use where one of the largest databases of exercises and activities in the world (about 15,000 categorized exercises) is managed. It has a website for account managers (coaches, doctors, teachers, directors, etc …) and, of course, an application for end users.

2.4. Fitcel is a Dynamic System.2018-10-01T09:54:44+01:00

It consists of an Artificial Intelligent that designs the right training program for each user “in real time”, each time the application is used. That is why a totally dynamic system.

The vast majority of current fitness applications work with exercises or standard programs for each user to select what they like best. They are “static” programs or exercises already pre-designed.

Fitcel does not have any software library. Through complex algorithms, the particular conditions of each user are taken into account and the program is designed “from scratch” in real time.

2.5. Evaluation – Prescription – Follow-up2018-10-01T09:54:29+01:00

Fitcel works in 3 phases:
1.- Evaluates the physical form of the user;
2.- Prescribe the exercises and activities;
3.- Monitoring of the program through control and gamification tools.
That is much more complete than any other market application, which only tracks what the user does or shows exercises so that each one decides what they want to do.

2.6. Integral Development of the Physical Form2018-10-01T09:53:43+01:00

Fitcel is directed to the integral development of the Physical Form, including exercises of Strength, Resistance, Flexibility and Cap. Neuromotor (coordination, static and dynamic balance, agility, speed, etc.)

One of the largest database of exercises in the world allows prescribing exercises for all abilities. Other applications that are on the market are specifically designed to train only some of the physical capabilities.

2.7. Universal platform for all types of users2018-10-01T09:58:11+01:00

Fitcel is oriented to 100% of the active population, since it prescribes exercises and activities for all types of profiles, even for those with a very low level of physical condition.

The applications of fitness in the market are aimed at a very limited sector of the population, relatively young and well-off that is already doing fitness programs in sports centers or with personal trainers. This represents only 12-15% of the active population.

2.8. System “open” to other devices or applications.2018-10-01T09:59:40+01:00

Fitcel is an “open” system that allows the incorporation of data from other applications or devices (heart rate monitors, activimeters, bracelets, etc …). Users who already use other applications or mobile devices can continue to use it for the activities they perform.

What Fitcel does is use the data of these devices or applications in the “follow-up” phase of the program. We do not force users to abandon their activimeters or applications. Fitcel works as a complement to what they already have, providing greater scientific rigor to their programs.

2.9. Designed by Science.2018-10-01T10:01:38+01:00

Through a 24/7 strategy, certified and standardized protocols and methods are applied by different organizations and official institutions (ACSM, AHA, Univ. Granada). Each user can trust that they are doing the appropriate exercises and activities in the volume, intensity and frequency they specifically require. The perfect balance between the load of physical activity and recovery is achieved.

3.- Where can I find Fitcel?2018-10-01T10:03:40+01:00

Fitcel is a tool designed by health and fitness professionals and also aimed at professionals in the same sector. It will be these professionals who make use of fitness with their clients or patients. Fitcel is a tool that helps physicians, trainers, trainers, teachers, company directors, etc. to improve the health and physical condition of their clients, workers or patients.

You can request certified training with Fitcel technology at your sports center, medical center, school, company or even in public institutions such as town halls or administrations.

See associated centers.

4.- I already have another Fitness application, why use Fitcel?2018-10-01T10:05:35+01:00

Fitcel is an open platform that uses the data registered in other fitness applications and guides them to prescribe a program strictly adapted to your particular conditions. Fitcel recognizes that health and physical condition is something personal. We go where the people are and we suggest those suitable manageable changes that initiate or improve the positive feedback cycle in an easy and intuitive way.

Fitcel enters the life of the person as a partner, using data from other applications or fitness devices which allows the user to continue training with their preferred application or device, without the need for change.

You can continue using your usual fitness application and use Fitcel to design a program strictly adapted to your goals and needs, monitor your weekly goals, recovery status, risk of overtraining, etc …

5.- Do I have to complete the questionnaire and the tests in the Fitcel registry?2018-10-01T10:07:13+01:00

Yes, Fitcel is a tool that uses the same scientific work methodology as in high performance or in the health environment. In order to properly “prescribe” the training program, you need to have the user’s information about your habits, background, possible injuries or illnesses, etc. and, of course, you need to know what your current physical condition is. It is impossible to prescribe exercises or activities correctly without knowing what the initial state of physical form is. Therefore, we encourage you to complete the initial registration process correctly.

6.- How do I know if I am in good physical shape?2018-10-01T10:26:49+01:00

Just enough to see the value of FITSCORE from the main screen of the Fitcel application. Here, each user will be able to see clearly and objectively what their current state of physical form is according to the official standards of international entities such as WHO or ACSM. After the initial evaluation, each user will have a concrete and objective value of a weighted physical form from 0 to 10 and will belong to one of the three levels of physical form defined: 1. Initial level; 2. Medium Level; 3. Advanced Level. If we want to understand a little more what “being in shape” means, you just have to keep reading. How to know if I am in good shape? This is something that most people ask, but very few are clear about its true meaning. What should we understand by being in good shape?

We can start by saying that traditionally, physical form has been related to two different concepts: sports performance and health or well-being. From the point of view of sports performance, we will say that it refers to the development of those components that are necessary to optimally perform a specific task or a specific sport. Each sport requires the maximum development of a series of skills or abilities that guarantee the effective performance of a specific task. In this way we can say that a certain athlete is in shape when he is very close to obtaining his best results in that sport.

Leaving aside the competitive sport that only a minority of the population practices, we must focus the concept of physical form towards health. In this case we find that the physical form represents the ability to perform with solvency, in a “vigorous” or without fatigue, those everyday activities or day to day. This is related to a lower risk of developing chronic diseases, with a better hope and quality of life.

When we say that the physical form must guarantee the performance of daily activities with solvency and without fatigue, what do we really mean? What should we work on our aerobic capacity? Be stronger? Lose weight? Correct our position?

Bearing this in mind, we can understand physical form as the state of harmonic and balanced development of the different components that form it, that is, of strength, resistance, flexibility, neuro-motor abilities and body composition.

All these components are related to each other and the improvement or deterioration of some of them inexorably affect the rest. All of them are equally important when planning the practice of physical activity for health.

Once this is explained, we can understand that “being in good shape” entails having a minimum acceptable level of each and every one of these motor and morpho-functional components. Obviously, this minimum level will depend on age and sex.

Being in good shape means being within a healthy body weight, being acceptably resistant, strong, flexible, agile and coordinated.

Fitcel uses internationally approved batteries for the assessment of the physical form. As a result, each user can see on his initial screen of the application his FITSCORE or what is the same, an objective and quantifiable value of his general physical form and of each one of the components that form it.

7.- Can I use FITCEL to train anywhere ?.2018-10-01T10:31:06+01:00

Yes, one of the basic premises of Fitcel technology is that it adapts completely to the user and not the other way around. The user will only have to indicate where he is, selecting one of the available environments between:

HOME. Home training.
WATER. Training in environments with water, such as in the pool or beach.
WORK Training in office environments.
CAR. Training in car environment.
GYM – FITNESS ROOM. Training in the machine room / free weight of a gym
GYM – FUNCTIONAL. Training in functional training box.
OUT – BEACH. Training in beach environment.
OUT – FOREST. Training in forest environment or green areas.
OUT – PARK. Training in park environment.
OUT – SNOW. Training in snow environment.

Fitcel will specifically adapt the means and training methods to the selected environment.

8.- Can I train inside the car?2018-10-01T10:33:27+01:00

Of course. Fitcel understands that the automotive world is in full technological renovation. Most car brands are already working on autonomous driving vehicles and in a very short time will be part of the life of the majority of the population. For this reason, Fitcel consists of exercises and activities that allow using the car as a fully active environment, so that each user can use their travel times in the car as for their daily training routine.

But until that moment arrives, the fitcel users will also be able to carry out activities and exercises inside the car when it is parked or stopped. We understand that every day we spend a lot of time in the car, waiting to pick up friends or family or in traffic jams.

Fitcel turns this sedentary waiting time into part of your daily training routine.

9.- How can Fitcel improve the health of my company?2018-10-01T10:35:09+01:00

Fitcel provides the perfect tool for the Corporate Wellness programs of your company. These programs have proven their usefulness for more than two decades and companies of all types all over the world have already included this type of programs for their workers. Through health programs, there is an improvement in the work environment, greater cohesion of work groups and, of course, an improvement in productivity thanks to factors such as lower absenteeism, lower sickness or a higher rate of sickness. of labor activity.

Through an initial interview, the customized program is designed taking into account the characteristics of the company and its workers, the needs, objectives, equipment and facilities, time availability, etc. It is what we call a “health audit” of your company.

From the results of this health audit, we implement a work plan with specific objectives, groups of activity, weekly or monthly challenges or competitions, monitoring and monitoring of the activity in real time and a huge variety of tools that will promote loyalty. and retention of users to the program.

10.- Can children use Fitcel?2018-10-01T10:36:47+01:00

Yes of course. Through the schools or institutions, Fitcel designs programs to promote physical activity specifically aimed at children and adolescents.

Fitcel has been designed to intervene specifically in the current problem of sedentary lifestyle and overweight in children and adolescents. It is a tool specially developed to make children reach the level of daily activity recommended by official bodies and institutions.

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