In recent years there have been some studies that show the direct relationship between the use of activimeters or fitness applications and the increase in daily physical activity. Today we already know that the mere fact of having a physical activity measurement device or a fitness app is more than enough to increase the level of physical activity of our lifestyle.

On the other hand, there is a direct correlation more than contrasted between the regular and adapted practice of physical activity and the improvement of our state of health. We know that an active lifestyle, with regular practice of adapted or personalized physical exercise is reflected in an improvement of our functional capacity, both present and future.

With these data we understand that the tools for the fight against sedentary lifestyle and overweight should come through these new mobile technologies. Our current world revolves around these mobile devices and we understand that any attempt to impact the lifestyle of modern man must come through this medium.

In this line, FITCEL goes beyond the rest of the current fitness applications since it not only provides a motivating tool that monitors the activity carried out, but also “prescribes” the exercises in a scientific manner and adapted to each individual profile. Precisely, this prescription adapted from the loads of daily training is the key to guarantee that the physical activity performed is healthy.

“Important organizations or entities such as the WHO, the ACSM or the AHA remind us that in order for physical activity to be healthy, it must be prescribed in a personalized manner, adjusting the type of exercise or activity, its volume, intensity and frequency to the particular conditions of each person.”

FITCEL has in its DNA this personalized prescription of training charges.

We must remember that regardless of the objective or reason for the practice of physical activity, we must do so by guaranteeing a good state of health both present and future. It does not matter if you want to prepare a popular marathon, increase your muscle mass, lose weight or simply find yourself better. The program that you must follow has to be designed by professionals who decide which exercises are the ones to do, in what quantity, with what intensity and frequency.

Your health must be above any other objective, do not forget it.