Omnium Lab, an Algeciras-based company, creates the first eSports team in the province

IAM/Redaction. Today AMI Peugeot brings us a cutting-edge SME. The Algeciras-based company Omnium Lab Studios has created the first eSports team in the province, with which it will attend this weekend the Gamepolis fair, the great video game event in Malaga, the third most important eSports forum in the country.

July 16, 2018 (14:56 h.)

eSports are professional video game competitions that have legions of followers worldwide. Popularised through different platforms such as YouTube, it is a discipline that has been consolidated in recent years and currently moves some 550 million euros worldwide, an amount that is expected to exceed 1.2 billion euros in the next year.

The eSports teams work like federated teams in any sport, competing in online tournaments, open forums in which players from all over the world can compete and where the level of professionalisation is growing, as are the economic amounts involved.

Omniumlab eSports is the name of the team created by the company from Algeciras, specialising in the video game Clash Royale, in which they are already in the top 50 at national level. It has professional players from San Fernando, Puerto Real, Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz and Vejer, and they have already competed against teams from countries such as Argentina and Mexico.

OmniumLab attends with its own eSports team to the Gamepolis fair, which is held on 20, 21 and 22 July in Malaga and has already established itself as the third eSports event nationwide.

In addition, the presence of Omnium Lab at Gamepolis will not only go hand in hand with eSports, but the company from Algeciras will also bring the latest video game from its factory to the fair in Malaga: Basket Paradox,

born out of its alliance with Lynzex Games. It is a basketball game in which the player receives history lessons, as it reproduces an apocalyptic scenario in which aliens reconduct the historical conflicts of humanity through basketball games.

The videogame will compete at the fair with its own stand, as the Gamepolis format also includes awards for the best national videogames of the year from among those competing at the fair.

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