The Youth Delegation collaborates with Omniun Lab in a free seminar on video game creation on the Roblox platform.

The Youth Delegation, led by Councillor Alejandro Azuaga, informs of the possibility of a free online seminar by Omnium Lab, through Game Land Academy, which aims to get started in Roblox Studio. This is a tool that allows you to create your own game and publish it with a single click on smartphones, tablets, desktops and virtual reality devices. In addition, the best developers receive revenue, thanks to in-app purchases.

The first session will be held this Friday, 19 February, at 18.15, and will consist of a basic introduction to start creating a game, with aspects such as OBBY creation and modification, terrain insertion and modification, object design and some scripts and programming examples.

This seminar is aimed at anyone interested, from 10 years old onwards, with no age limit. If the event proves to be of great interest, we do not rule out repeating it on other occasions. Last summer, the Youth Delegation was already committed to training in new technologies with the celebration of a course on robotics in collaboration with Game Land Academy, with very satisfactory results.

Registrations can be made at the following link: or on the phone 956 099 464.

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