The companies Verjim Animation Studio (from Rota) and Omnium Lab (from Algeciras) were the winners in the sixth edition of the Andalucía Emprende Awards, in its provincial phase. The province of Cádiz has been the province with the highest number of candidates in this edition of these awards of the Regional Ministry of Employment at regional level: 66 projects in the category of ‘creation’ and 27 candidate companies in the category of ‘consolidation’.

The companies Verjim Animation Studio (from Rota) and Omnium Lab (from Algeciras) were the winners in the sixth edition of the Andalucía Emprende Awards, in its provincial phase.

Verjim Animation Studio provides services in international productions for advertising, film and television; they are experts in animated film, specifically 2D digital animation. According to their content director, Rocío Fernández, their differential value is that they use software called Toon Boom Harmony, with which they can make large 2D animation productions. “Thanks to this, our work has been on more than 150 television stations all over the world. And from 2018 also in cinema, with two animated feature films: ‘Black is Beltza’ and ‘Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas’.

For its part, Omnium Lab is a company dedicated to the development of highly scalable technological solutions, both its own and those of third parties, as well as to the development of projects related to the gaming sector. José Antonio Racero, founder of this business, believes that this award “recognises the trajectory of a team of more than six years, who have suffered a lot and who have also bet a lot at many levels for the project to go ahead”.

The first company has been recognised in the category of ‘creation’, which distinguishes recently established initiatives with a maximum trajectory of three years, and the second in the category of ‘consolidation’, conceived for businesses between three and seven years old. Verjim has been supported by the Andalusian Centre for Entrepreneurship (CADE) of Rota, while Omnium Lab has been mentored by the CADE of Algeciras.


The delegate of the Government of the Junta in Cadiz, Ana Mestre; the general director of Social Economy and Self-Employment, Susana Romero; the territorial delegate of Employment and Economy, Alberto Cremades; the territorial delegate of Education, Miguel Andreu; and the managing director of Andalucía Emprende, Rosa Siles, among other authorities, have presided over the presentation of these Andalucía Emprende awards, which took place on Wednesday at the CADE in the capital of Cadiz, as reported to DIARIO Bahía de Cádiz.

These awards are promoted by the Regional Ministry of Employment, Training and Self-Employment, through Andalucía Emprende, and aim to recognise the “most innovative companies with the greatest growth potential” among those linked to the CADEs. The awards have the collaboration of the Minerva-Vodafone programme, an initiative to promote technological entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University and Vodafone Spain; Extenda and Unicaja Banco.

The aim of these awards is to highlight business initiatives in each province, in order to subsequently choose the best Andalusian company 2019 in the regional phase of the competition, always linked to the CADEs. The province of Cádiz has been the one that has contributed the most nominations in this edition. Specifically, 66 projects, for the creation phase, representing 24% of the Andalusian total; practically one out of every four presented in the entire autonomous community. And 27 candidate companies in the consolidation phase. These represent 30.3% of all Andalusian companies in their category, which is almost one out of every three candidates.

Among the new features of this year’s Andalucía Emprende Awards, the winners were chosen online by the public attending the awards ceremony from among the five finalists selected by the jury. The finalists – and the technicians of the CADEs that promote them – were also given an ‘entrepreneur card’ in recognition of “their work, commitment, involvement and contribution to a better world”.

In this act, the delegate of the Andalusian Government of PP and Cs, with the encouragement of Vox, Ana Mestre, has valued the figures that support the work carried out in the CADEs, since the survival rate of the projects tutored from them “is almost 9% higher than that of those companies that are born without the support of these centres of the Junta”. This was already the case when the regional government belonged to the PSOE. The Jerez-based politician also stressed the importance of public-private collaboration “as long as it is successful in making our region’s resources more powerful”.

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